The Sequel...

2008-06-12 12:39:53 by Angelus-Mortis

For those who are wondering about whether or not I'm going to be starting the sequel, well, I'm working on it. Since the Alphas are still down, I'll post a screenshot and the first part of "The Tesseract". The preview won't have any sound though, and most of the animations aren't smoothened out just yet--they will be in due time.

As far as I can tell, The Tesseract will have more mathematical (possibly historical) references, but it's still not necessary to have an abudance of knowledge on mathematics to understand what's going on; it's the same wordless interaction style as in the Octahedron. If you did know more about math or math history though, you'll probably be able to see the references and enjoy it more.

New Character Feature: The new character I'm adding is the mathematician's friend, another fellow mathematician. More on him later.

The Sequel...


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2008-08-27 15:02:57

That was really good! Very unique.
I voted 5 and I'll check out The Octahedron.

I hope it does well!