Happy Birthday

2009-04-30 12:48:07 by Angelus-Mortis

I'm well aware it's Tom Fulp's birthday today, but even more importantly, it's also another special person's birthday today--namely, Karl Friedrich Gauss, one of the three greatest mathematicians in history. He's been called "Princeps Mathematicorum", or the prince of mathematics, and made numerous math contributions.

Here are some special items:

A character organizer made in flash: (it's not epic enough for Newgrounds, so I didn't upload it here.)
http://angelus-tenebrae.deviantart.com /art/232-Gauss-120974242

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405 /btl/232_Gauss.jpg


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2009-04-30 13:53:54

You should have uploaded it, but it would have got blammed.

Not because it's crap, but because most people here can't stand anything educational.
It's still pretty damn good though.


2009-04-30 14:00:31

Have to agree with Blaze.
It's good looking, but because only form of education users accept here are flash tutorials.

I gotta like the artwork in particular.


2009-04-30 14:06:25

"...only form of education users accept here are flash tutorials, it would have gotten blammed. Sadly."

Dangit, mistyped one part of the sentence out.


2009-04-30 15:08:46

id submit it, I don't think it will get a score low enough to get blamed.


2009-04-30 15:41:54

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2009-05-18 17:04:20

It's been a while, since I last viseted your profile. I saw your Character organizer. It's nicely made. Looks pretty neat. Especially the charakters. I like your style. Would have loved to see some animations again. Even if it's just a some morphanimations like animated picture books. I think that would fit your style pretty well and you could keep up the Quality of your pictures, since the animation work wouldn't be that big.
So, keep up the good work and thx for contributing.



2009-12-19 15:15:01

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