Entry #5

Rattenfänger Hameln Demo

2011-11-24 17:44:58 by Angelus-Mortis

I'm actually working on a flash project for school with someone else, but thought I'd share with people what I'm working on. I went to Germany last summer and had the chance to see the open airshow for Rattenfänger Hameln, otherwise known as the Pied Piper of Hameln in English. (It was entirely in German, but that was the fun part). It was inspiring enough that I wanted to make a flash game out of it, and that's how it ended up being my school flash project.

Basically, my project is a flash rhythm game which features the flute while going through the story itself.

Here's a demo of the rhythm game section.

I didn't do so well in it because the frame rate lagged while I was recording it. It normally runs just fine.

The final version that I'm submitting in class will only feature three songs as part of the story mode, and it's the only mode I'm going to be putting in that version, but I plan on releasing a more enhanced version with more features, including additional bonus tracks and multiple languages.

So, I'm going to allow people to make suggestions for bonus tracks--what do people want to hear? I'm considering adding "The Place I'll Return to Someday" from FFIX and Greensleeves, and perhaps a few others. Here's a few I'm including:

Thema - SaGa Frontier II
Delightful Spekkio - Crono Trigger
Kalida's Deep Sleep - Whispered World

If you've never heard of these, just look them up on Youtube.

I'm also using a few pieces from the audio portal here on Newgrounds.

Additionally, if you like making music, you can also use this opportunity to create flute specific pieces for it if you'd like.

And I realize there are synchronization issues between Mac and Windows, even though I'm using Tweenlite. If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve those issues, or at least minimize them, please advise. I'm all ears.


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